Consulting and financial planning services to real estate investors

  • Review and evaluate properties based on investor risk profile and goals
  • Leverage a network of industry professionals to help people better understand their investments.
  • Assist clients and participate in direct negotiations with industry professionals
  • Asset management and oversight of real estate portfolios
  • Forensic review of existing investments as required

Consulting services to real estate professionals

  • Evaluate investment opportunities to determine pricing; assist with due diligence
  • Evaluate viability of client goals for a property; develop and implement a plan to achieve such goals
  • Leverage industry contacts to establish appropriate 3rd party professional relationships
  • Oversee and/or manage industry professionals to achieve defined goals
  • Consult and assist with business development, organizational structure, and efficiency
  • Distressed asset resolution

Consulting services to businesses and professionals

  • Leverage experience and contacts to develop and implement business plans
  • Specific focus on financial structures such as family offices, investment companies, service providers
  • Review and analyze performance of existing companies. Develop and assist with implementation of strategies to improve or grow a business
  • Develop and implement strategies to address specific problem-solving needs

Financial planning services

  • Analyze financial means and goals of individuals and businesses to help clients meet their goals
  • Leverage CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ credentials and knowledge to develop and implement a financial plan
  • Leverage experience and professional contacts to assist with cash management, retirement, tax and estate planning
  • Develop and assist with implementation of investment strategies tailored to an individual or family’s needs
  • Facilitate real estate investment opportunities though 3rd party industry professionals to help the client achieve financial planning goals.

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