What kind of fee arrangements do you provide for your services?

Pebble Brook Financial provides services under an hourly fee, monthly retainer, or fixed fee agreement, depending on the nature of the work.  For specific inquiries, please Contact Us with a description of what you seek.

Does Pebble Brook Financial provide legal services?

No.  However, Pebble Brook Financial has extensive relationships with 3rd party professionals, including numerous law firms, and will match clients with appropriate legal counsel and manage/oversee legal processes as required or beneficial.

Are you a broker?

No.  However, Pebble Brook has existing relationships with brokers and can facilitate introductions as beneficial to clients.

I want to place an offer to purchase an investment property or a development parcel. Can you help me determine the right price and get the deal?

Yes.  Pebble Brook Financial has extensive acquisition experience and can assist with all aspects of this process, including pricing, negotiation, due diligence, and placement with appropriate attorneys and mortgage brokers.

I am raising money for my real estate deal. Will you help me raise money?

Pebble Brook does not raise money on behalf of real estate sponsors.

I plan to sell my property. Can you help me?

Yes.  Pebble Brook Financial has extensive in-house experience with disposition of real estate as well as 3rd party relationships with brokers, contractors, lawyers and others who can help you close your sale at the best possible price.

Are you familiar with the 1031 Exchange process?

Yes.  Pebble Brook Financial has been involved in numerous 1031 Exchanges and can help clients understand the process and details of 1031 compliance and strategic acquisition of suitable replacement properties to meet the needs and investment profile of the investor.

Does Pebble Brook Financial manage securities investments?

No.  However, Pebble Brook has extensive relationships with wealth management professionals and, as part of a client relationship, will make introductions to appropriate investment managers.

My family business will soon undergo a generational transition. How can I implement a plan to make this process smooth?

A successful generational transition is a challenging and sensitive process that involves much foresight and planning.  Pebble Brook Financial has experience with the establishment of multi-generational plans and structures, plus extensive 3rd party relationships to make sure that all needs are met.

Do you sell insurance?

Pebble Brook Financial is not licensed to sell insurance but does have extensive 3rd party relationships with highly skilled and specialized professionals.  As part of a client relationship, Pebble Brook can match clients with appropriate agents and evaluate recommendations and how they fit into a global financial plan.

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